Trim or Clip Video


Use the trimming tool accessible from the Edit Media page to trim the start and/or end of your videoTrimming is only available to the video owner.

In Blackboard

Login at:
Enter My Chemeketa login when prompted

  • From the eLearn Courses page > click My Media

In MediaSpace

Login at:
Enter My Chemeketa login when prompted

  • From the User Menu, click My Media

Remaining steps Blackboard & MediaSpace:

  • Next click Edit next to the entry you want to trim.
  • In the Edit Media window select the Trim Video tab.
  • Use the Trimming Timeline or enter exact start and end times.

    Drag the edges of the start and end points with your mouse to set the trim range or enter a start time and end time in the time fields.

  • Press Play and click Set Starting Point of the video clip.
  • Select Set Ending Point as the end point of the video clip.
  • Click Trim Video or Create Clip.

    CAUTION: Trim Video will modify the source video permanently. Use Create Clip to trim a copy and preserve the original movie in Kaltura.

Trim Clip Video