Blackboard - Content Editor Mashup


Students and Faculty can add or create media mashups in certain areas of a Blackboard course by using the content editor. This includes course messages, discussion posts, assignments and tests.

Follow these steps to add media to a Blackboard course using the content editor mashup.

Add Media to Blackboard using the Content Editor

Login at:
Enter My Chemeketa login when prompted
  • From within a Blackboard course while using the content editor, click on the Mashups button in the content editor toolbar > click Kaltura Media.

    Note: expand the content editor toolbar to see all toolbar options.

  • Next from the Mashup Gallery page > click the Select button for the media you want to add to your course area.
  • Enter a required Title and optional Description.
  • Click the Submit button.

    NOTE: You can also upload or record media from the Mashup Gallery using the Add New button before choosing to add the media to your course.

Upload Media